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CEC, ECs should resign immediately: Nagorik Committee demands electoral, political reforms

Posted by Nirbachon on July 17, 2006

Leaders of the Nagorik Committee 2006 yesterday said they were neither rival nor alternative to political parties. Rather, the Committee was formed to help political parties and politics overcome ills that were weakening them and the nation every day, they added.

However, they said there was difference between the two�the political parties only want electoral reforms while the Nagorik Committee wants both electoral and political reforms. The electoral reforms would not yield any result if it was not accompanied with political reforms, they said.

They claimed that the Nagorik Committee had no relation with any foreign country or agency and was not funded by any alien organisation.

They said they would meet the leaders of the two major parties�the ruling BNP and the main opposition Awami League (AL)�to exchange views with them and hand over the Committee�s recommendations on political and electoral reforms.

The New Nation article


One Response to “CEC, ECs should resign immediately: Nagorik Committee demands electoral, political reforms”

  1. Md. Bayzid said

    We a like minded group of civil society residing in Dhakhin Khan thana Want to be a part of Nagorik committee central.
    We would like to mention here that we are 100% non political and high profile proffessionals in said community.
    We need to meet and talk with central Nagork committee to process be part of central nagorik committee.
    please give me the cotact # of those.
    Thank you.

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