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Dr Kamal hopeful of forming grand alliance against 4-party

Posted by Nirbachon on July 14, 2006

Gono Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain yesterday said the process of grand national consensus among Awami League (AL)-led 14-party coalition, Gono Forum, Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh (BDB) and Bangladesh Tarikat Federation is underway as they will work together to defeat the BNP-Jamaat alliance in the next general elections.

“It is a good news for the nation that all progressive and pro-liberation forces are being united on the basis of the 14-party’s 23-point proposal. Now we are working to form a grand national consensus for safeguarding the democracy, people and nation from the grip of BNP-Jamaat-led four-party alliance government,” the Gono Forum President said at a meeting of party representatives at Engineers Institution in the capital.

The Daily Star article


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